DATE: 2012
M.O.: Privé

M.O.E.: SKP Architecture + Rougerie Architectes + Signe Paysage + Noe Architectes

LIEU: Ambokka - Sri Lanka


CHARGE DU PROJET: Jonny Sturari / Johan Kohls / Camille Petit


• Create a world-class destination that raises the bar in wellness and hospitality.
• Be a centre for intelligent living on the planet through activity programming inspired by the science behind healthy living, thinking and aging.
• Revisit and capitalise on the forgotten wisdom of the past.
• Have our property recognized globally as one of the most beautiful and responsibly designed properties in the world.
• Support the local community in a constructive and responsible way.
• Showcase Sri Lanka’s culture, heritage and rural way of life in an inspiring way.
• O" er our guests a memorable and enriching experience and inspire them towards personal transformation and growth.


«Upon A Rooftop» (working title of the project) is a wellness destination that goes beyond the traditional destination spa by focusing on self development
cocooned within a nurturing, state of the art and conscious environment. UAR has broad appeal addressing the needs of a& uent travelers, traditional
spa goers, yoga practitioners and retreaters seeking a meaningful break.

Thus UAR is positioned at the cross section of several markets: The Global Spa market, The Self Help Market, and the Holistic Yoga/Pilates Tourism Market
and the Sri Lankan Tourism market (where our agship is geographically located).
In addition, Upon a Rooftop, given its heritage o" ering and its location within the heart of Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle is also positioned within the Global
Cultural Tourism Market, which is exhibiting robust growth of 12 %pa.